Welcome to Edmonton Foot Care - Therapeutic Foot Care

EFC  is  an  Alberta based Foot Care company specializing in both providing Therapeutic Foot Care  as well the Teaching of  Advanced Foot Care Management.   Although we serve all ages our focus is on the Foot Care  needs   of  our community's seniors.  Each  member  of  our mobile  team  are thoroughly trained, certified and well-practiced, ensuring all of our clients the highest level of Advanced Foot Care possible.

We adhere to Alberta Health’s Infection Control and Prevention Standards and are committed to practicing under the highest of Industry and Nursing Standards.

EFC invites you to Join us at one of our many community clinics for a Therapeutic Foot Session or if you would prefer, we can come to you in the comfort of your own home or place of reside, whatever that might be.

Our Therapeutic Foot Care Services include: Nail Trimming, Callus and or Corn Reduction, Skin Hydration, Assistance with Ingrown and Fungal Nails, Provide Client Education Regarding Proper Footwear and - Foot Massage!

In the meantime remember it’s important to be kind to our feet, even though they are at the end of our bodies and are often hidden away, our feet are the foundation to our structure and when they are in need, nothing else matters! 


Four  Important Factors in Caring for your Feet

1 - Good Foot Hygiene and Regular Foot Care means taking care of your feet each day to avoid future foot problems and to detect new issues and it may also assist with further deterioration of the feet caused by chronic illnesses  such as diabetes. If you already have problems with your feet, good foot hygiene will help keep those problems in check.

2 - Keeping your feet healthy can help you remain active.

3 - Remaining active helps with circulation which adds to a sense of general well-being.

4 - A healthy foot is more comfortable and structurally sound, which helps with balance and aids in   Fall Prevention.